4 Tips to Break the Routine while Running

4 Tips to Break the Routine while Running

Break the routine while running and avoid getting bored. Running is a passion that catches all genders and ages. More and more people are taking the streets and parks.

It is not a fashion, but an activity that, by its benefits, is becoming a healthy addiction. However, still many people consider that it is a routine only for people with a certain level of physical training. Big Mistake.

Unless medical issues prevent it, running is one of the simplest physical activities, regardless of the level of physical condition that the person has. With dedication and perseverance, anyone can become a “weekend athlete”.

For example: For those of us who are runners, it is a reality that, if you do not train to run faster, you will never run faster. Many times runners ask me “How can I run faster?  You have to do specific exercises to improve speed, there is no other way. Whether you’re trying to improve your overall racing performance or simply want to run a little faster than you’re used to, you need to include speed drills within your training.

In summary, you need to vary the exercises to achieve your goal. However, when we only run for health reasons, we can fall into the monotonous routine of just running from one point to another or giving a certain number of laps to the track.

Many people stop running because what was once different and fun becomes routine, and they get annoyed. Therefore, below, we share some tips to break the routine to run and stay motivated.

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Tips to Break the Routine when Running

1. Divide the year into cycles. This training periodization practice, apart from the physical benefits that it brings, allows incorporating variations that break with the routine.
2. Perform a spontaneous training. One day when you leave work or school, go running, even if it is not planned. To do this, leave a change of clothes and your running shoes in your car or workplace.
3. Try new routes. Dare to try new places to run, especially on weekends when you have more time.
4. Run a day without your watch. Go running from time to time without wearing your sports watch.  Just run regardless of time, speed or pace.

With these simple tips, there are almost no excuses to put on your shoes and continue the path to a running life. If you have any suggestions to break with the routine, share them with us.