5 Tips to Run Better

5 Tips to Run Better

The benefits of running for physical and mental health are many and have been demonstrated by numerous scientific studies. We want to help you with these tips to run better. Physical exercise favors overall health; it has been proven. If you do not have the time or the money to pay for a gym, going jogging or running is an excellent option to get fit and get all the advantages of physical activity.

5 Tips to Run Better

Running improves your physical and mental health. You can not make excuses anymore. Lack of time? 20 to 30 minutes a day are enough.
Running also diminishes the from suffering health issues.
Scientists at the Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen discovered that people who ran at least 20 minutes twice a week, had a 44% lower risk of death than non-runners.

Everyday? It is not necessary; it is enough with 3-5 days per week. Are you not in shape? It does not matter; you can start with low intensity. Do not have where to do it? You can do in the street, parks, gym, treadmill.
Running is a sport of technique and perseverance, as well as many barriers that must be overcome, such as fatigue or lack of performance. Here we will give you more tips to and strategies to improve in each race or marathon.

5 Tips to Run Better

Stay hydrated

Hydrating your body and your brain are essential, in addition to proper breathing and oxygenation, do it before and after the race to avoid thirst, lack of coordination, dizziness or some other anomaly. We suggest you do it 20 minutes before the race and continue doing it in blocks of 20 minutes, drink small drinks and finally drink a hydrating beverage to recover salt, carbohydrates, and minerals lost during the exercise.

Relax your arms

Your arms help you in the coordination and balance of the body, avoid tightening your shoulders or bending your elbows too much, imagine that they are a pendulum in perfect movement, try to flex them at the elbow at an angle of almost 90 degrees.

Shorten your steps or strides

To prevent injuries get to 180 strides per minute, this will give you greater stability in your walk.

Rest before the race

Sleeping 8 hours is key to muscle and organ regenerating, go to bed early and disconnect before going to bed, you need your body at 100% to run or train every day. Prepare all your things for your morning workout before going to sleep that will help you stay focused the next morning.

5 Tips to Run Better

Review your strategy

Each runner has a strategy, from the most comfortable gear to the shoes that work best for each activity, avoid unpleasant surprises, remember that warming-up is one of the most critical details. 

Perform a short cooling or stretching session for your body and muscles.   Let go of sweaty clothes as they cool it down fast and that is not good for you.

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If you will race, be sure to know the route before doing it and try to arrive 1 hour before the race.