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What people say?

Since attending this Masterclass, I shaved 15 minutes off my personal best. The training tips are gold!
Alex Thompson
1:23 Half Marathon
I used to struggle with fatigue and injuries. The recovery segment of the masterclass changed the game for me.
Sarah Greene
2:10 half marathon

Navigating Your Half-Marathon Journey with Precision and Purpose!

In the vast sea of online running programs and advice, it’s easy to find yourself lost amidst generic routines and coaches that “specialize” in every distance. But here’s the game-changer: our Masterclass is not just another point on this map. Think of it as your personal compass, laser-focused on guiding you through your half-marathon journey. We’ve meticulously pieced together proven strategies that seasoned runners swear by, strength training regimes that zero in on the unique demands of half-marathons, and specific fueling and recovery techniques that ensure optimal performance before, during, and after your workouts and races. Wave goodbye to the one-size-fits-all advice. With our Masterclass, you’re not just getting advice; you’re acquiring a vault of tailored insights, each designed to propel you to achieve your goals. Your half-marathon quest deserves nothing short of precision and passion, and that’s precisely what we deliver.

Your Host

With a distinguished career spanning 15 years, Diego stands out not merely as a certified coach but as an expert in the field of athletics. Holding prestigious certifications from Ironman, UESCA, ACE Certified Trainer, and Sports Nutrition from Wageningen University, Diego’s expertise is built on 15 solid years of hands-on experience.

Over the years, he has been instrumental in transforming enthusiastic runners into half-marathon achievers.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Diego has adeptly managed a rigorous balance between family, a demanding career, and a commitment to daily runs, reflecting a deep understanding of the challenges many athletes face.

The Half Marathon MasterClass

Lesson 1

How to Set Realistic, Achievable, and Challenging Goals for Your Next Half-Marathon

Say goodbye to generic goals. Tailor them to your personal strengths and areas for growth. Set benchmarks that inspire and motivate!

Lesson 2

Strength Training Essentials for Half-Marathon Runners

Unlock the power of targeted strength training. Boost your endurance, speed, and resilience with exercises meant just for half-marathon runners.

Lesson 3

Fueling and Recovery 101: Fueling and Healing Your Runner's Body

Learn the nuances of nourishing your body pre and post-runs. Dive deep into recovery strategies that will keep injuries at bay and have you ready for every training session.

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