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Discover How I've Helped Hundreds of Runners Set New Personal Records in Half Marathons —Using the Half Marathon Wizard System

The first EVER half marathon system designed to help you achieve a new personal record with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t achieve it (but everyone does.)

Achieving a new half marathon personal record is one of the most challenging and rewarding feats for athletes and enthusiasts alike

Yet, in the pursuit of excellence, many face the frustration of inconsistent training, making the desired progress seem elusive.

Those who train and commit to breaking their personal records do stand out. Yet as the world of athletics advances, runners often grapple with finding the right balance of speed and endurance, long runs versus easy runs. This struggle is real, and many feel they aren’t improving fast enough despite their efforts.

Adding to the challenge are the nagging injuries that keep setting many back. 

It’s like taking two steps forward and one step back, every time.

That’s because most running advice is, frankly, trash. Feeling lost amidst a sea of generic advice, overwhelmed by too many training resources, and often isolated from real solutions, it’s easy to see why so many are disheartened. 

Generic routines and training plans? They might leave you more exhausted than ready to break records.

This is why many, who set out aiming to conquer half marathons and achieve new personal records, falter. Merely investing in the right shoes or gear isn’t the solution. You need an approach tailored for you, understanding your body, mastering technique, and personalizing your training.

For a limited time only (4 days), you can get access to the system that not only addressed my own frustrations but also has helped hundreds of runners shave off significant minutes and achieve new personal records that were once a distant dream.

This system isn’t about inundating you with more generic training. It’s a beacon amidst the overwhelming sea. You’ll learn how to become a faster runner, build stronger mental endurance, handle and prevent injuries, and develop a unique running style tailored just for you.

Let me show you some runners that have accomplished a new PR using the Half Marathon Wizard System


"Deckel made a remarkable debut, clocking in at 1:51 during the San Francisco Marathon – his very first road race."


"Just 9 months postpartum with twins, Yeimi soared past her goal, completing a half marathon in under 2 hours."​


"Jessica was plateauing at a 1:26 half marathon time. Yet, with the Half Marathon Wizard System, she trimmed off an impressive 3 minutes, setting a new personal best at 1:23."​

Alright, let's get real.

I’m not just another coach with a list of certifications. (Although yes, I’ve got those – from Ironman, UESCA, Ace Certified Trainer, and Sports Nutrition.)

I’m obsessed with half-marathons and I’ve spent 15 years in the trenches, turning passionate runners into half-marathon heroes. And I’ve juggled family, a career, and those morning runs, just like you.

Some runners even calle me… the half-marathon wizard.

Here's the vision:

Imagine embarking on your half marathon journey with a structured training plan that not only offers consistency but also dynamically evolves in tune with your unique needs: a plan that understands you’re not a generic athlete but an individual with distinct strengths and aspirations.

Dream of mastering the art of pacing? Envision yourself finding that sweet spot where speed and endurance harmonize, where you have the perfect balance between easy runs and interval workouts.

See yourself pushing your limits, running harder and faster, but with a profound wisdom that keeps injuries at bay. It’s not just about testing boundaries; it’s about expanding them responsibly based on science-back methods and your specific running fitness.

And as you tread this path, picture being surrounded by a community of passionate runners. A tribe that gets your highs, lows, and everything in between. They celebrate your milestones, encourage you during setbacks, and share the thrill of every finish line.


The Half Marathon Wizard System

It’s not just another training program. 

It’s your tailored roadmap to break free from the plateau and embrace transformation – all grounded in mindset shifts, science-backed and actionable strategies and training that push you to optimal results while significantly minimizing injury risk.

This is all you get when you join the Half Marathon Wizard System:

More runners who have already transformed their running with this system.


"After five attempts with other training programs, Val finally broke through the 2:30 barrier with the aid of the Half Marathon Wizard System."


"In a mere 12 weeks with our system, Adrian met his ambition, finishing the Mexico City half marathon in a swift 1:39."

Now, I bet you're wondering, 'Is this really customized just for me?'


Here’s the cool part: we don’t just give you a training plan – this is a comprehensive system. 

Our A.I. software, Bannister, creates a training plan based on your age, sex, and current fitness levels.

Then, we blend the data from your sports watch with our super-special CSI (Cardiovascular Stress Indicator) algorithm to adjust and adapt your training in real-time. If you miss a training session? Don’t worry, Bannister will adjust accordingly. And if your body is responding to the training better than expected, Bannister will challenge you more in the future.

This means the program isn’t just any generic plan —it’s tailored to fit you perfectly.

Plus, with our guidance, you’ll learn how to make the most of every training session, master your recovery periods, and really nail it on race day.

And if a thought pops into your head like, ‘Hmm, what if it doesn’t quite click for me?’ We’ve got your back! We’re so passionate about our system that we offer a rock-solid guarantee. Dive in, give it a go, and if you don’t end up getting a new personal record (and trust me, everyone who fully engages with our system does), we’ll happily hand you a full refund.

Consider this not just another investment in a tool, but a commitment to a lifetime transformation.

Welcome to the Half Marathon Wizard approach.

Our system boasts the latest, science-backed knowledge specifically designed for dedicated runners like you, ensuring you meet your objectives with precision and confidence.

Our mission? To democratize the world of professional coaching and resources. Hence, we’ve priced it at just a fraction of its true value.

Think about this: A world-class coach typically charges at least $250 monthly, amounting to $1,500 for s single plan.

But for a one-time payment, you receive lifetime access to all our resources, coupled with unlimited personalized training plans. Now that’s what we call a savvy investment.

No more wandering in the dark, spending months or even years trying to piece it together.

For just the next three days, you can get lifetime access to this proven system for just $197 (regular price $497) that's a 60% discount.

Half Marathon Wizard System

The first EVER half marathon system designed to help you achieve a new personal record with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t achieve it (but everyone does.)
$ 197 Lifetime Access
  • Personalized Training Programs (unlimited)
  • Real-time Adaptation
  • Holistic Training System
  • Professional Coaching Access
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Affordable Pricing
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Enroll today and gain access to the following special BONUSES that will help you take your running to the next level:

Your Personal Record Guarantee

We are deeply committed to delivering exceptional training that positively transforms your running performance.

We stand firmly behind our comprehensive system and science-backed training plans. If you don’t achieve a new personal record after following your customized training plan, we promise a FULL REFUND.

Note: If the only reservation you have about taking this step to elevate your running is a question of, “Will this work for me?” or “Can I trust this to be the right fit?”, I urge you to revisit the commitment I’ve laid out above. Rest assured; we will uphold this guarantee unwaveringly. Your best experience is my utmost priority.

Ready to start training smarter and get the Half Marathon Wizard?

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Every stride you take is a step towards your personal best. Don’t let another day pass without harnessing the full potential of your passion. Dive into the Half Marathon Wizard experience now!


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