How to Prevent Running Injuries

Prevent Running Injuries

The statistics are disturbing: 90% of runners will sustain an injury in the next 12 months.

We don’t want you to be part of those statistics. We want to help you prevent running injuries.

We believe that all runners can run as much and as fast as they want without getting injured.

And it all starts with being mindful about what an injury is and how you can prevent them.

That’s why here at Runners on Fire we created this guide to help you prevent running injuries the smart way.

I’m sure that if you read them and apply what you learn, you will reduce your risk of injuries and will be able to run better than ever.

What is a Running Injury and Why do They Happen

We are going to start by defining an injury in a very simplistic way.

But that simplicity is the foundation of injury prevention. If we have a simple way of defining a problem we can come up with simple ways of solving it… [read more]

10 Common Running Injuries: Prevention and Treatment

I know a lot of people want a simple answer to everything.

I know a lot of people just want a simple answer to everything.

So, if you are like most people, this article is right for you!!! 10 simple ways to prevent and treat the most common running injuries… [read more]

Think Like an Athlete, Cross Training for Runners

One of the most common mistakes I find in runners is that they don’t think like overall athletes.

I know you have to run a lot to become a better runner, but there are also a lot of things you can do to improve as a runner, aside from running… [read more]

My Secret Pre-Race Warm Up

In general, every runner is used to warm up before a training session or a race. Some learn how to warm up by trial and error and others from their coaches.

And as long as you don’t get injured and you are improving as a runner stick with whatever warm-up routine you have, there is no right or wrong way of doing it.

But when it comes to pre-race warm up, it’s a whole different story… [read more]

We regularly update this guide, so, check back soon to see how you can keep adding strategies to run injury free.