Marathons Around the World That You Can Not Miss

Marathons Around the World That You Can Not Miss

Running is a human act. Our ancestors practiced this discipline to survive-to chase or to avoid being hunted. Today, despite the digital revolution, the technology and the comforts of modern life, we keep running. For pleasure, for health, as competition and as training for many disciplines. 

The action of running has mechanisms similar to those of a meditation in movement that allows us to connect with our inner being, with our strength, with our limits, with pain. At each stride comes a response and a new question … To run is to meet again. But unlike other meditations, in which the goal is to close ourselves to the environment, running requires the participation of the latter to exist. It becomes a double path of nourishment for the body, mind, and spirit. The terrain conditions us, as well as the type of soil, the environment, the energy of the place … Running a marathon establishes a final understanding between the runner and the environment in a deep symbiosis.

Why run

This relationship is greatly enhanced by running a marathon: 42,195 kilometers of a struggle with oneself and the outside challenging, uncertain, infernal at times. Well said by an American Olympic runner, who has run over 100,000 miles: “I tell runners to divide the race in three. Running first with the head, then with his personality and at the end with the heart “.
There are over 170 registered marathons around the world, some more demanding than others, in places taken out of fantasy and designed to transform the lives of the runners who participate in them. Below you can read about some of the best marathons around the world.

Marathons around the world

London Marathon, England:

With over 40,000 Marathon runners, among the World Marathon Majors. The race route starts from Greenwich Park, crosses the Thames river, passes by iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, the Tower of London and finishes at the Buckingham Palace. You can run this big one in April.

New York City Marathon, USA:

With a high proportion of international runners, the New York City Marathon is one of the six World Marathon Majors. 50,000 runners and over 2M spectators. You can run it in November.

Boston Marathon, USA:

It is the oldest and arguably the most prestigious marathon in the United States, it started in 1897. To participate, you need to qualify in a previous Marathon Race’s record, so to even be able to just run in the Boston Marathon is a thing to brag about. If you classify, you can run in April.

Berlin Marathon, Germany:

Berlin Marathon is one of the fastest marathons because of its flat course and smooth turns.  Berlin is an excellent place for anyone to try to achieve their personal best. It is also considered one of World Marathon Majors. This one takes place in September.

Chicago Marathon, USA:

Started in 1977 this is one of the largest marathons in the USA, and also considered among World Marathon Majors. According to many runners, it is a supremely fast course, which attracts the pursuit of personal and world records. The race is in October.

Tokyo Marathon, Japan:

Despite being a relative newbie to all other famous marathons, Tokyo marathon is one of the world’s largest marathon and a fan favorite in February.

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Paris International Marathon, France:

It is one of the most famous races in Europe. Known for offering unique food and drink stations where runners are served beer, wine, cider, oysters, and many more things. This marathon is limited to 37,000 runners and requires a doctor’s note to compete. You can run through the best landmarks of the beautiful city of Paris in April.

Athens Authentic Marathon, Greece:

Over 2500 years ago, Greek messenger, Pheidippides ran from ancient battlefield Marathon to Athens to deliver the news of their victory. Follow the same path as the legend in November.

Have you raced some of the marathons from the list?  Have we missed a marathon you love?