Pre-Race Warm-Up

Most of us runners train to race. No matter if it is your first 5k or your 100th marathon.

It is the thing we all prepare for.

But sadly, very few runners warm up correctly for a race and end up getting injured, or in a lot of pain for several weeks that hinder their training.

In my over 30 years playing a lot of sports (running, trail running, basketball, rugby, triathlons, football, and even boxing and Crossfit), I’ve learned from each one of them; and developed a specific warm-up for running races that prepare your body the right way for this kind of effort.

So you can have a great race and achieve a PB without getting injured.

I’ve used it in all kinds of races, from a 5k to a marathon and trail races, and it has helped me set new personal records whilst staying injury free.

View the video below and download the PDF to get the most out of this routine.

Download, save on your phone or print this worksheet to remember all the exercises from the routine.

Download Here